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What is Unification Wars
Unification Wars is a web based turn based game, your goal is to conquer the galaxy. This game is also called Unification & Unification Conquest at a particular time (before 2005).
Previous old names of the website: Spacefed.com , GalacticConquest.co.uk
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Who is Gamestotal.com
Gamestotal.com is a new name for Spacefed.com and GalacticConquest.co.uk , basically we are still the same people, and no we didnt sell the website to someone else, we just changed the URL to an easier to remember name Gamestotal.com. We did a couple of games such as Unification Wars & Galactic Conquest both are Free Massive Online Games that you play using your web browser. We also have a couple other games under us which includes Popular Fabric & Darklands Online (Online RPG). We also make MMOG and MMORPG , but mainly Online Strategy Games. This free internet games Founded / Games Developer / Games Publisher by Stephen Yong under Ino-Online Sdn Bhd, this is created by Malaysia Barista`s Stephen Yong
Interested in Developing Games ?
We are always looking for talented people to join us, if you are interested try out games first then apply via our `Help Center` found in the game.
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