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Server instability 2016-06-24 2016-06-24
2016-06-24 ~9.30 PM to 10.45 PM

Help Center & Forum Purge 2016-06-01

Donation reword to Upgrade 2016-05-14

Test server up! 2015-12-26

UC on National TV ! 2015-12-18

UC Update 2015-12-09

Account Linking Guide 2015-05-05
Account Linking Step by Step Guide (Screenshots)

Server Issues 2015-05-04
Details on the current server problems being experienced.

5 donation points reward 2014-10-09
Reward for helping me post a nice comment

Intergalactic News Broadcast 2013-12-05
All the latest news from around the universe!

5 minute planned outage 2013-10-24
Planned server outage lasting 5 minutes

DPS for playing our games 2013-07-29
Earn donation points for playing our other games

Raffle 2013-07-17
In order to clear up the banner, present and future raffle links will be listed here.

Paypal donation issues 2013-03-07
Problem with paypal donation

Stephen coughing up blood 2013-01-15

Event: Nearing chaos 2012-08-17
Server event has produced various server effects...

Restoring Inactive Account 2012-03-05
Planets, Artifacts, Minister...

Incorrect Password Error 2012-01-29
Incorrect Password Entered Error

7 hours data center outage 2012-01-12
Problems with facebook login

Update for UC Manual 2011-12-31
Update for the UC Manual.

Facebook changed their login 2011-12-15
Problems with facebook login

Terraform 2 Glitch 2011-11-28
Terraform 2 Glitch

Lag issues 2011-10-31
Lag issues

UC Face-lift 2011-09-19
UC will receive a minor face lift

Forum & Help Center Died 2011-09-10
We have lost 6 days worth of posting

Intergalactic News Broadcast 2011-08-04
<font color=red>Closed Thread</font>

Receiving donation points 2011-07-17
Read this if you are trading dp with other players

Mysterious Miner Attack 2011-03-11
Mysterious Miner Attack?!

Data center problems 2011-03-08
Service outage for roughly 2.15 hours

Planet Compensation 2011-02-19
Planet Compensation from OM

Data center maintenance 2011-02-06

Data center move ? 2011-01-19
We are relocating our servers

Andrea is on leave 2011-01-08
Andrea is on leave

UC DP & Attacking 2011-01-08
Mainly effect those above 1 bil pr

Happy Santa Day ! 2010-12-24
-50% ship upkeep for everyone

UC2 Close beta recruitment 2010-11-08
Close beta recruitment

2CheckOut payment is up 2010-06-14
We have updated our donation/payment method

UC2 Questionaire 2010-05-16
UC2 discussion

Worldpay refunds 2010-05-03
Worldpay refunds will void as of 30th May

Daily & hourly : DP Timer 2010-03-24
This is a suggestion thread

Event - Space-Food 2010-03-08
Space-Food event :)

Event - Space-Well 2010-03-05
Space-Well event :)

Welcome to 2010 2010-01-04
A new year is upon us

X-Mas Donation Special 2009-12-23
BTC, Regalos or Orbs when you donate :)

Whats UC team working on 2009-11-24
A simple update on what have we done and are working on

Server instability 2009-11-23
Brief server instability occurred

New Guides Application 2009-06-12
Guide Applications are now open. See details inside.

Collective Upgrade ? 2009-05-05
Discuss: Should we upgrade collective capture ?

Stephen going back to KL 2009-05-03
*me using this as my blog o-0

UC Patch 2008-12-23
Patch activated on uc1 & uc3

New server in US 2008-09-29
Faster page loading expected

Event - Kalzul 2008-09-06
Kalzul Shipyard

Server Outage 2008-07-23
Server outage from 2.55 AM to 5.00 AM

Race balancing 2008-07-17
Race balancing update

Weekly NPC (April To May 2008) 2008-04-08

Maintenance on 26th Feb 2008-02-24
Server maintenance on 26th Feb 11am to 3pm

Mini NPC 2008-02-21
Attack the NPC to make a name for your federation (Clan)

New Guide applications. 2008-02-20
Guide apps are not closed for the timebeing. Thank you to everyone who applied

Wanted: NPC Killers 2008-01-21
Attack the NPC to make a name for your federation (Clan)

Pasword reminder 2007-12-21
Phishing season is nigh the lures come in droves,

Deathmatch 15th December 2007 2007-12-01
We shall be running a special Christmas Deathmatch event.

Guide Apps 2007/2008 2007-11-19
Guide Applications are now open. See details inside.

Baby day ! +5 Btc for all 2007-09-24
Stephen has a new kid, so +5 Btc to all

Beta testing 2007-06-09
Beta testing will be open on 2007-06-07 to everyone

Reorganizing the servers 2007-05-02
Server restarts on 2007-05-03 at 2.00 PM

Wanted: NPC Killers 2007-04-30
Attack the NPC to make a name for your federation (Clan)

Bounty: Minister 2007-03-26
Highest minister level

Next update 2007-03-24
What do you want for the next update ?

UW is coming soon... 2007-03-17
UW activated ?

Deathmatch 2006 (season 2) 2007-02-16
Great prizes up for grab. Join now and be among 30 lucky winners.

Deathmatch 2006 Results 2007-02-16
View the results here. Congratulation to all winners.

Xmas Special 2006-12-24
+20% turn storage & generation rate for Xmas

Bounty ! Top NPC Killers 2006-11-13
Attack the NPC to make a name for your federation (Clan)

Newbie Reinforcement Cap 2006-10-31
Newbie Reinforcement Cap increased

Stephen`s kid baby is hospital 2006-10-23
Shawn , Stephen`s kid baby contracted dengi...

Mini Death Match 2006 2006-10-17
Be the 3rd best federation in this Bonus Death Match & win 15 Donation Points.

Mini Death Match 2006 Results 2006-10-17
Winners of Mini Death Match 2006

1 Million Members (total) 2006-10-09
Congrats ! We have 1,000,000 members !

Work space improvement 2006-08-21
We will be moving soon...

Nice player wanted ! 2006-08-10
Be nice to other players & stand a chance to win 100,000 planets !

Over 1000+ players logged in ! 2006-08-08
Great news, total users login has exceeded 1,000 !

Bounty ! Kalzul ! 2006-08-01
Reward for killing of the Kalzul

Help Center Post Lost 2006-07-24
Some replies in the Help Center is lost, plz post `em again

Help Stephen pay Hospital bill 2006-06-14
Stephen needs help to pay for hospital fees

Cede planet & what is cheating 2006-05-18
This is a friendly reminder of what is cheating and what is not

Over 750+ players logged in ! 2006-05-15
Great news, GC&UC has finally broke the 750 user logged in

Phone support now available ! 2006-05-05
Problems donating ? Have a question ? Call us now :)

100% no more ads :) 2006-04-25
We will be removing all ads for all players

Bounty ! Dark Marauder ! 2006-04-24
Trial by the Dark Marauder

Goodbye StormPay 2006-04-14
We have stopped accepting donations via StormPay

Terran Mission - Act 3 2006-04-08
This is only for those who have done 3 missions in Act 3 and wish to continue to complete the unlocked ones without restarting.

Over 600+ players logged in ! 2006-03-30
Great news, GC&UC has finally broke the 600 user logged in

Bounty ! Mysterious Terran 2006-03-27
+10% planets or minimum +5000 planets per system reward !

Bonus Round > Bounty ! 2006-03-27
UC-Hourly enters bonus round ! +20% planets or minimum +10,000 planets per system reward !

Server replacement & bandwidth 2006-03-05
We will be replacing our old servers on 2006-02-28

Event: Mysterious visitors 2006-03-01
Recently, there are rumors that one Guardian empire detected strange readings coming from outer sector of the galaxy. The readings resembled those of a wormhole activity...

500,000 registered players !! 2006-02-24
We have 500,000 registered players !! Congrats !!

Rebalancing results 2006-01-09
This is the result of the rebalancing updates in the past couple of weeks... success :)

Bad luck delays tons of stuff 2006-01-07
Due to a string of bad luck, many things are delayed from replying of PM, email, bugfixes, GC update and others.

Happy new year ! 2006-01-01
We have entered the year 2006 ! Happy new year everyone ! +2-5k planets per system for everyone as present for the new year !