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What is Strategy Games
Strategy Games is where players pit their minds against one another. It is different from hack-slash RPG that most Free MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) is based on. Some similar games includes Civilization & Master of Orion, if you like playing those games then you will definately like playing Unification Wars or Galactic Conquest (some of our games).
What is Gamestotal.com
Unification Wars & Galactic Conquest is a free RPG that most MMOG Games, play using your web browser. Unlike other MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) or MPOG (Multiplayer Online Games) our theme is Free Strategy Games or Online Strategy Games, where you can use Turn Based Games Servers or Real-Time Games Servers (RTS). Our other games Darklands Online (Online RPG). Our old url includes: www.spacefed.com , www.galacticconquest.co.uk, www.gamestotal.com your total games provider , provides the best strategy games, top strategy games and newest strategy games, a strategy games like runescape (an online games like rune scape), these games is inspired by Star Wars, Star Trek, Mage war (archmage), Master of Orion 3, Civilization 3. This free internet games Founded / Games Developer / Games Publisher by Stephen Yong under Ino-Online Sdn Bhd, this is created by Malaysia Barista`s Stephen Yong
What is MMOG
MMOG (Massive Multiplayer Online Games or Massively Multiplayer Online Games) has many other similar names but all mean the same thing. Other variations includes: MMORPG, MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online or Massively Multiplayer Online), MO (Multiplayer Online), MOG (Multiplayer Online Games), RTS (Real-Time Strategy), Tick Based Games (based on hourly), Turn Based Games (popular used by Strategy Games like Civilization & Master of Orion 3). In this games thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of players play together at the same time hence the word Massive. Many games claims to be Massive and can only be classified as such if the game can support more than 1000 players online at a single time. Games such as Ferion (now dead) can only support 1-10 players simultaneously online, but with a total of 1000 players in 100 different games, now such games should be classified as Multiplayer not Massive Multiplayer, this could be another reason why they died out.
Interested in Developing Games ?
We are always looking for talented people to join us, if you are interested try out games first then apply via our `Help Center` found in the game.