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Space Federation Galactic Conquest is a free Massively Online Game with over 485,283 members ! The game is set in the year 10,500 AD, you have been elected the leader of a planet. Your goal is to build up an empire that spans the galaxy. Start or join Federations (Clan) and wage war with others. Inspired by Master of Orion and Civilization

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This is the first game I have commercially finished. I started working on this during my free time around December year 2002, mainly due to boredom and the inability to find any nice and good space games. This game was inspired by Master Of Orion, Civilization, ArchMage/Magewar (dead) and of course running on the interface similar to Campaignship Manager.... yep the football game. The game was completed and uploaded for beta testing sometime in Febuary 2003. It was initially meant for my friends and I to play, however word got out and more and more people started to join in. By the time beta was over (sometime in June 2003), there was thousands of people playing the game !

A number of issues and complication due to the game design some what has arise sometime in August 2003. A number of this issues include game-concept and design. Due to this issues I have decided to create an update (initially it was supposedly to be GC ver 2.0 or an update) that will resolve this issue as well as implementation of new ideas. New ideas includes multiple `kingdoms` that an empire can control, which evolved into the current `Planetary systems`. This game was initially called Universal Conquest (the name implies a larger scale of war compared to galactic conquest). Eventually the name was changed a number of times during beta and we ended up with Unification Wars. A number of old players still refer to the game as UC (short for Unification Conquest).

When UC was launch as beta 2.0 it was met with an insane amount of success generating an enormous amount of players (currently counting at 2,262,813 members).

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Eventually a number of issues and complication from the UC game arised, and I`ve decided to work on a new game 3700AD. After 5 years of development (2004-2009) and after 2 different versions the project was suspended mainly because I`ve unable to combine both the RPG and Strategy elements in a game that is frankly addictive and fun.

Work was started on 3800AD concentrating more on the strategy elements and basically scrapping the RPG elements. 3800AD is more or less UC on 3800AD platform with improved user interface, graphics and navigation. Game play has been changed drastically since then and 3800AD is starting to look more and more like a totally different game.

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