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Our Privacy Policy


Name of your Federation (Guild) and Empire is public; anyone can view this info. The Real-Name that you use when you signup on our games/services will be private and no one can view this info other than the in-game administrators or staff. Usually the in-game administrator or staff will only use the Real-Name when checking for potential problems such as multiple accounts, trying to determine which account is a fake account.


Your computer will automatically accept cookie from . This cookie will store your game information in order for you to play the game. The cookie will also act as a security key to avoid other players from attempting to gain access to your game (hacking term: `session hijacking`).

We do not have the capability, facility or the skill to perform marketing tracking (such as analysis your web surfing behavior, which website you have been to and so on), collect your purchasing history (ex: like on amazon) and others. All cookies used by Gamestotal will be mainly to store YOUR game information.

Donation Info

This is a free service (think of it as serving the community) and we survive by donation from our users.

We do not have any of your payment information or details (ex: credit card number, expiry & card type) other than a reference number from your payment processor (ex: paypal) as all payment information and details will be handled by our pay processors.


We currently do not have any banners or advertisements on our site.

In the event that when we do have banners or advertisements on our site, the banners and advertisements may store their cookie on your PC to calculate how many times you have seen their advertisement. Advertisers usually do this to calculate how much to pay people (like us) who host their advertisements, just to see how many people are seeing their advertisements (lay-man term eyeball value).

3rd Party logins (ex: Facebook)

Your Real-Name used in facebook and your email (that you use to login) is private therefore not accessible by any other users on our game/service (the only people who can access this is in-game administrators and staff).

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