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Beta Tester (Expired or Position Filled)

- Assist game developers and game designers/writers to test their work
 - Assist admin/gamemaster to test for problems or bugs reported in by players
 - Assist out in all other form of test, bug, problem, technical issues

Must be, have or willing to:
 - Applicants must have Internet connection (do not need to be physically located in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia)
 - Must have banking facility in Malaysia or Paypal for salary payments
 - Must be able to communicate in English
 - Must be above 12 years old
 - Must be observant and capable of spotting small mistakes or errors
 - Very interested & passionate with IT, Games, Internet, Computers
 - Must have played our game for more than 6 weeks (you will be tested on your proficiency)
 Added advantage if:
 - Good in math, calculations
 - Interest to be working in the Games Industry (online games, computer, PS, etc)
 - Have experience in similar job functions or industry
 - Have experience, skill & knowledge in IT, Programming, Games Design, Game Admin, Network Security, Hacking/phreaking
 - Have good command of English
 - Have experience playing many other games or using many other software
 - Capable of finding ways to cheat, or creating custom bot/scripts
 - Able to take tight datelines, proactive and able to learn with minimum supervision

How to apply

Step by step guide on job application