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What is Galactic Conquest
Galactic Conquest is a web based turn based game, your goal is to conquer the galaxy.
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Enter Galactic Conquest

Who is is a new name for and , basically we are still the same people, and no we didnt sell the website to someone else, we just changed the URL to an easier to remember name We did a couple of games such as Unification Wars & Galactic Conquest both are Free Massive Online Games that you play using your web browser. We also have a couple other games under us which includes Darklands Online. We also make MMOG and MMORPG , but mainly Online Strategy Games. This free internet games Founded / Games Developer / Games Publisher by Stephen Yong under Ino-Online Sdn Bhd, this is created by Malaysia Barista`s Stephen Yong
Interested in Developing Games ?
We are always looking for talented people to join us, if you are interested try out games first then apply via our `Help Center` found in the game.
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