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  Game Ending = Server Exploding 

There is a large scale federation (guilds) war in which the entire server will fight for or against blowing up the universe (or the server). The ending of this storyline is as below.

The Overmind story is a extremely long sage, and this is again just a small summary fraction of the entire sage.

Stephen: Maybe one day someone may write a book or make a movie out of the story :)

  Overmind Project Ending Story 

The Kalzul & Overmind Project

The Overmind Project is the ultimate project of the Kalzul race giving the bearer of the project an enormous power. The Kalzul has always been regarded as `cannon fodders` or the front liners for the Dark Marauders in regards to launching a large scale invasion. To perform this task better, the Kalzul has created this Overmind Project as a suicidal weapon to be used in the event that the Kalzul is unable to sufficiently weaken the enemy prior to the coming of the Dark Marauder.

The Kalzul has taken this technology to be tested in the Milky Way Galaxy during the `Eijin Wormhole` incident. Unfortunately before the Kalzul has the chance of testing out the Project it was lost in the battle with the Republic.

The origins

Space is of unimaginable vastness, to prove its point the Milky Way Galaxy alone consists of millions of stars. Each system contains one or more stars along with an abundant number of planets. There is a great number of intelligent life that remains hidden until other the appearance of hyperspace signature a sign that this intelligence life has obtained the capability of space travel.

Space time continuum dictates the physics rule of space travel. Most alien races encounter the problem of "faster than light travel". This is because in theory once a space ship speed reaches the speed of light time warp occurs and the ship will be caught in a time stasis field stopping the time for all crew members for all eternity. There is also a limitation as it is physically impossible to travel faster than that of the speed of light according to the general physics rule that light is an energy therefore mater is unable to attain such a speed. Some alien races have discovered hyperspace drive. The hyperspace drive warps the space around the entire space ship in a special hyperspace. Since hyperspace is not normal space therefore the space ship can travel safely faster than the speed of light while at the same time following the general physics rule.

There were more than a thousand different alien races in the Milky Way Galaxy govern under the Orion Republic. The Orion Republic was set up to help solve diplomatic relations between those thousands of alien races, with voting seats given to all members depending on their empire size. The republic also standardized space dates to sc or system cycles, having one sc as the length of time for the rotation of the Orion VX System approximately 3.6 earth years. This is also called the golden republic era where diplomatic relations, trade and commerce flourish throughout this period. War became non-existence and in the year 332sc the Republic placed all war capable ships in the Royal Republic Fleet.

Emergence of the Kalzul

In the year 743sc unknown energy readings were detected in the outer rims of the Galaxy. Within a few days the Republic had lost contact with many empires in the outer rim. The Republic upgraded to a state of emergency after they had also lost contact with several scouts and probes sent to the outer rims to investigate the event.

A few days later an urgent message was received from the Bolivar Empire near the outer rims reporting that their outposts has been destroyed by ships of an unknown origin and requesting immediate assistance. They had also attached a message from the assailant calling themselves the Kalzul as reads "We are the Kalzul. Our duty is to protect and preserve all intelligent life and to defend it against all hostile forces." (Note: Kalzul is pronounced written as Kal-Zul in the historical books and was renamed as Kalzul since everyone started calling them as such)

The Royal Republic Fleet was dispatched immediately being lead by General Hartfort from Bangor Empire. Upon reaching the Bolivar Empire, General Hartfort discovered that the Bolivar Empire has been utterly annihilated, seeing the extinction of the Bolivar Race from the known universe. This marks the start of the great Kalzul War.

Panic ensued throughout all empires under the republic which started off a massive arms race, having each Empire building up their own defenses. Over 100 alien civilizations and empires were destroyed before the Royal Republic Fleet intercepted the Kalzul fleet.

The Royal Republic Fleet suffered 80% losses but managed to push back the Kalzul for the time being. A few days later, a much larger Kalzul fleet appeared and decimated the Royal Republic Fleet. General Hartfort barely escaped. The Republic tried to organize a defensive stand and pooled all the resources of all the members of the republic to the Orion VX System. All members of the republic relocated as much population as possible to the Orion VX creating a last refuge from the Kalzul onslaught.

The Republic fought a losing war as the Kalzul race had far superior technology and weapons. By the year 749sc almost the entire Milky Way Galaxy had been preserved by the Kalzul race. In the year 752sc desperation set in with the Kalzul fleet approaching the Orion VX. The Battle of Orion was the last battle between the Republic and the Kalzul. General Hartfort died in a valiant suicide attempt to defend the Orion System against the Kalzul. In a matter of hours, the Kalzul broke through the defenses and entered the Orion VX System. With no other choice the Republic activated an untested weapon the Star Killer Explosive Bombs planted in all the stars and planets in the Orion VX System prior to the arrival of the Kalzul. All stars and planets in went super nova completely destroying the entire Kalzul fleet along with over a thousand civilizations that had previously taken refuge there.

The Republic knew from the start that they were fighting a losing battle and sacrificed themselves so that they could send a small transport ship to a distant system to ensure the survival of the races. The Republic took over 30sc to rebuild itself before venturing out to eradicate the Galaxy of the remaining Kalzul forces. The Kalzul having lost their main fleet was no match for the Republic and by the year 761sc the Kalzul War was over.

The introduction of the Marauder

The Republic afraid of the return of the Kalzul split into two factions. General Agapa led the Red faction of the Republic, wishing to research and discover the origins of the Kalzul to revenge the death of the thousands of civilizations in the Kalzul war. Senator Tarko led the White faction, who pushed to concentrate on research and development on defensive rather than offensive. The rift of these two factions grew dramatically and by the year 771sc the Republic was on the verge of a civil war.

A skirmish battle occurred between these factions; it brought about an all out civil war in the year 774sc. The red faction under General Agapa revealed a new alien race called the Ma2. The Ma2 was a genetically engineered race that does not fear death making them the ultimate soldier. The red faction with the help of the Ma2 race eventually won the civil war.

With the end of the civil war, the Ma2 race that was created for the sole purpose of war became restless. With the leadership of Tarmez the Ma2 race rebelled against their masters starting the Guardian Marauder war. Due to the larger military force of the Republic the Ma2 race resorted to constantly moving their military base from one system to another. The raids ran along with hit and run techniques, targeting hard to defend far flung systems. They caused great chaos to the Republic earning them the nick name the Marauders.

This war of attrition raged on for centuries, devastating many habitable systems and almost brought about the total genocide of these two alien races. After hundreds of years of war, the Marauders were winning by almost conquering the galaxy, leaving the Republic a handful of systems left. As the main Marauder fleet together with Bastille, the center of command for the Marauders approached, the Republic out of desperation used an untested Kal-Zul artifact thought to be a weapon of mass destruction of some kind against the invaders. Upon activating the alien artifact the entire solar system was overwhelmed with an unknown sub-space energy burst that resulted in a tear in space itself.

After the energy burst subsided, all habitable systems within the region along, with the entire Marauder fleet and the Kalzul artifact disappeared. Survivors speculated that the tear was responsible pulling in almost everything. The Republic itself has been transformed from an organic into an energy-based entity. What was left of the Republic scattered through-out the Galaxy and hid in seclusion to avoid complete genocide by the Marauders, waiting to rebuild their forces in time. The Marauders having lost their sole leader and believing that the Republic had been completely destroyed started to fight among themselves having seen their power and strength diminishing. This marks the end of the Guardian Marauder war.

Republic to the Guardian race

After the war, a growing number of residents of the Republic were unable to cope with the change of being an energy based entity and longed to turn back in to an organic being. The leaders of the Republic believing that a unified race would benefit the Empire as a whole compared to having multiple alien races outlawed such experiments labeling those involved as traitors to the Republic. The Last Republic Civil War broke up in a couple of year's time. The civil war finally ended after a great loss for the Republic. Countless Systems and technology were destroyed in the war, as the race almost wiped itself out from existence. From then on the Republic renamed themselves as the Guardians and still believing that the Kalzuls will return made a solemn oath to protect the galaxy from the Kalzul threat.

The Guardians being composed of energy do not consume food. They however excel in the field of energy research producing one of the best energy shields in the known galaxy. This advantage makes most energy-based weapons ineffective against them. Unable to attain the pleasures of consuming food, the Guardian race takes pleasure in collecting consumer goods from other alien races.

Emergence of the Viral race

Eons later a number of new alien races discovered hyperspace travel. The Gordo race was especially aggressive in exploring the galaxy. An unfortunate Gordo scout discovered a new threat during an exploration trip to a distant Urania class system. A virus had managed to take full control of a Gordo host and with much trickery managed to infect the entire crew of the scout ship. The viral race is capable of learning all knowledge of the host it infects. The viral race soon discovered they could only grow if it is able to find new hosts. The virus will also die when its host dies. In time many system fell to the virus.

The Collective

The Gordo known for their cruel and selfish nature having posed with a new threat after the viral plague managed to capture some infected hosts and did countless number of horrific experiments on them. The Gordo discovered that the Viral is capable of manipulating the host's brain taking over. The poor host will remain as a puppet for the rest of its life but at the same time still carry and awareness of its surroundings. The plague war started having the viral race infected up to half of the Gordo's total systems.

To tackle this problem the Gordo created an Overmind basically a Gordo captain that will have full control over the minds other Gordo soldiers via a telepathy link. AS a precaution the Gordo engineered the Overmind in such a way that if the Overmind in any circumstances dies and causes this telepathy link to be broken then soldier will lose all its life support function dying together with the Overmind as well. This will ensure that the viral could no longer take control over any new host. With this new development the Overminds deployed by the Gordo race was quick to push back the viral plague forcing the viral race to flee to other far away systems.

The Gordo race tempted by the absolute loyalty of the Overmind eventually assimilated their entire race into a Collective of Overminds and hosts under the Overminds renaming themselves the Collectives. The Collective has also learned to assimilate ships and planets as well to further increase their prowess.

After the Plague War a division of the Collective being lead by Atbasar Overmind began building an empire in the solitude of the Gamma Quadrant. Soon Atbasar started sending scouting expeditions venturing to the Orion Star Systems, out of the Gamma Quadrant for new targets to assimilate.

Aspha Miner

Atbasar then discovered a primitive race on the Aspha planet that has no hyperspace capabilities. Atbasar tried to assimilate the Aspha Miners race and a war broke out between Atbasar and the Aspha Miners. Luckily for the Aspha Miners the Gamma Quadrant happens to be right next to a Guardian outpost, seeing trouble the Guardian came to the Aspha Miner rescue defeating Atbasar. The Guardian also gave the Aspha Miners hyperspace technology and a couple of older guardian space ship designs so that the Aspha Miners could be able to protect themselves.

A few years later the Atbasar return with assistance from the other Collective overminds starting the Aspha-Collective war. Although heavily outnumbered thanks to the blue prints of the ship design from the guardian the Apha Miners was able to stand up against the collective. Due to the reason that the collective ships are made from pure energy, the Collectives were unable to assimilate this newly developed ships. The Aspha Miners having no knowledge of the Collective home world just merely defended against the attacks launched by the Collective causing a stalemate lasting for a hundred years. Eventually the Collective grew tiresome of the non-conclusive war and decided to move on expanding to other systems instead.


The Terran race started out with evolution advancing in technological break though to a point where they have reached the stars. They were an extremely lucky race to have reached warp travel sometime after the Marauder Guardian war, in which during this time the Terran unknowingly made full use of the situation by colonizing vast numbers of planetary systems. The Marauders and Guardians greatly weaken from the war could not afford another war in such a short period of time basically much ignored the expansion of the Terran race.

Terran species, another name for the human species originated from planet Earth. Various technology progresses were made by this species over time. It is in the Terran species jack-of-all-trades ability to improve on its technology, agriculture, military, economy, social and other aspects of the Terran race. The only not so advantageous side of the Terran race is its thirst for war. It has been documented that there were bitter fighting and war throughout the history of the Terrans.

Most of the historical journals were destroyed in the many wars along with many advances in technology. Therefore it is unclear when the Terrans actually developed some of these advances. Some of these incredible feats disappeared after the wars.

From what historical artifacts found, it can be speculated that there are four stages of the Terran species. One is the Pre-Expansion period, the Expansion Period, the Council War and lastly the Feudal Empire period. A rough estimate of the timeline involved is as provided below.

Year 1900-2000
First ship to the Moon
First space station on Earth's orbit

Year 2000-3000
First space station on Moon's orbit
First ship to Mars

Year 3000-4000
Developed space travel
Bases on all planets in the solar system

Year 4000-8500
Developed hyperspace drive
Terran started to colonize various planets outside the solar system
United World council was form

Year 8500-9500
The 1000 years of peace under the United World council

Year 9500-10000
Council war starts resulting in the destruction of the United World council and feudal system takes over

Year 10500-current
Unification Wars

Pre-Expansion Period

This can also be classified as the Terran's golden age, partly due to the rapid developments in technology during this time. Starting from estimated year 1500 to 3000, the Terrans were kept busy with research and development. They have researched and developed ways to travel from one planet to another. They are however still confined to their own solar system.

There were some minor wars but the many Terran governments were able to control much of the conflicts and to restrict them so that these wars did not escalate. However there are various instances of all-out-war but these wars are generally short in nature with a maximum duration of 10 years. These efforts were considered achievements for a race known to kill one another for every other reason. The overall population was generally peaceful.

People were generally very highly educated due to this peaceful period. Commerce as well as the general economy of the Terran species grew. This period was by far the Terran's richest. All this wealth helped fuel further research and development.

It is with the development of the hyperspace drive that drove this era to an end. Speculation has is that the hyperspace drive was developed sometime around the year 3000.

Expansion Period

After the year 3000 various governments raced to the stars as the hyperspace drive was developed. Most research and development funds were diverted into this expansion scheme to quickly expand the area of control thus power for most of these governments. All this due to a Terran law stating the first person to claim a planet thus becomes the rightful owner.

Countless number of colony ships were quickly constructed and sent to charted and uncharted space regions to quickly claim uninhabited planets. To better navigate and to map the galaxy, various areas of space are mapped into various sectors.

There were countless weaker alien species that were eliminated and these cases not ever reported. The Terran species have resorted to stealing other alien home worlds for their own purpose. Luckily for the Terrans most of the alien species found at this given time proved to be of no threat to their superior technology.

For a while as there is a lot of free room to colonize and to claim, the number of wars seemed to have lowered to almost none. The United World council was formed to replace the United Nation council. This council contains all the Terran governments in the solar system of the Terran home world.

This peaceful expansion period came to an end when the United World council announced a stop to such rapid colonization. There were complaints that several higher technological alien species had been encountered. The main reason may be due to the United World council not having the manpower to govern all its' small and far away colonies.

With all the colonies being governed by the United World council, peace ensures for roughly 1000 years. However it is just a matter of time before these colonies declare independence from the United World council. This marks the end of the expansion period and on to the Council War era.

Council war Period

After the year 9400 many distant colonies are declaring independence from their rightful governmental owners. Because most of these governments are on the UW short for United World council, the UW declared war with these troublesome colonies. The UW dismissed this as minor unrest and did little to solve the problem or to prepare them selves for the increase in unrest. After 100 years as more and more far flung colonies declared independence the UW after observing a drop in political stability of the UW started to organize more resources to cater for this nuisance. Mainly thanks for the underestimation of unrest by the UW chaos reigned and all the fighting quickly escalated into total war with the UW waging war with various small colonies. The UW being unprepared for an all our war was unable to quench the rebelling colonies. Soon these rebels started to colonize new planets, and for each planet that the UW quench the rebels, the rebel would have colonized 2 new planets. This went on for the next few hundred years with the UW trying to stop the rebellion. However luck turn against the UW as more and more of the newly colonized colonies banded together against the UW. It is clear that the UW was fighting a losing battle.

It was during the end of the council war era when the Free Worlds fleet (FW or Free Worlds is the name of what the rebel now call themselves) launched a surprise attack on the solar system trying to get to Earth, the Terran homeworld and the center of UW chain of command.

The battle was shift as yet again the UW was over confident with the defense system on Earth that during that time was known to be the most secure fortress of all Terran planets. The FW used long ranged planetary bombardment having their fleet sitting right out of Earth's defensive range. Somehow in a critical time the entire Solar System along with all planets disappeared. Many speculated that the UW in a last ditched attempt to saves whats left of the council destroyed themselves and the FW fleet. Until this day researchers aren't fully sure what actually happen.

Earth was the heart of the UW command chain and without a clear leader, the UW quickly became disorganized and eventually lost to the rebels thus ending the council war period.

Feudal Empires

After the collapse of the UW in year 9500, the fight for independence was over. Now each colony is being run by its' own government. Ambitious colonies invade weaker ones to form bigger empires and this eventually turns out to a full scale war against each other. After 1000 years of war many empires has taken over large sections of the galaxy having control over thousands of planets.

Unification War

To ensure peace, various Terran empires now attempt to unify themselves under the same banner as the UW once attempted to do.

The Truth


The Kalzul manages to finish the wormhole project and open wormholes to the Milky Way Galaxy to conduct scouting expeditions to attempt to collect more alien civilization.

The Kalzul is the soldier with an absolute loyalty for the Dark Marauders that has been given the task by the Dark Marauders to find the Metos Galaxy, which so happens to be the origins of the Aspha Miners. It is believed that the Dark Marauders discovered a Metos ship wreck eons ago. From the findings the Dark Marauders found that the Metos race that resides in the Metos Galaxy has great technological advancement even greater than the Dark Marauders them themselves. This is one of the key reasons why the Dark Marauders wishes to find clues to the whereabouts of the Metos race in hopes to learn some of their technology.

The origin of the Kalzul has long been misunderstood due to there elusiveness and historical records that was twisted and lost mainly because this occurred very long time ago. It was in fact the Kalzul themselves were merely slaves to the Dark Marauders given the task of collecting various alien civilizations for the general entertainment of the Dark Marauders in a distant galaxy. Very little is still known about the Dark Marauders because no one managed to get through to the Eijin Galaxy the home galaxy of the Kalzul and back alive. Some artifacts found points out that that the Kalzul rebelled against the Dark Marauders and were placed in the Eijin Galaxy as their prison while others facts found contradicts that finding but instead points out that the Eijin Galaxy is one of the many Kalzul galaxies that the Kalzul has control over.

The Kalzul did not intentionally enter the wormhole. A wormhole appeared in one of their Systems pulling in the entire systemů the stars, planets, fleet and everything else within the region. This is a far flung Kalzul outpost that does not contain a shipyard therefore the Kalzul is unable to build additional ships once their existing ships was destroyed. The Kalzul thinking that a known alien race has declared war upon them started to retaliate believing the Republic is hostile. This seems to be a rather large and deadly misunderstanding mainly contributed by the Bolivar Empire.

The UW found the structure and research facility of the Bolivar Empire that was doing their work on the wormhole project and has started work on it to try to achieve the means of travel to other galaxies to expand the UW. However during the unexpected surprise attack on Earth the UW used the incomplete wormhole project to attempt to escape from being defeated by the rebels. Sadly the wormhole open has sucked in the entire Solar System and transported them to the Eijin System. In the Eijin System the Terran surprisingly work together UW and rebels on the same side to try to defend themselves against the Kalzul. Earth was ultimately captured by the Kalzul along with the incomplete wormhole device. It seems that the Kalzul is collecting alien civilizations and placing them in the Eijin Galaxy in a so called conservation theory making things looks more like a zoo in Terran terms. The Terrans ultimately surrender to the Kalzul terms to avoid total destruction with the condition that all Terran will be confined to Earth and the Terran shall never construct any ships that is capable of space travel. Earth was kept on constant surveillance with a small fleet of Kalzul warships acting as sentry.

The Kalzul then spent time working on the wormhole device in hopes to travel to the origins of this Terran race to collect more alien civilization.

Eijin Wormhole

The Bolivar Empire was actually responsible for the arrival of the Kalzul. The Bolivar scientists were the most brilliant in the galaxy at that time and they have pounded on various ways to travel the vastness of space between different galaxies. Although warp drives does allow space travel between systems it does not allow space travel between galaxies. They have developed a wormhole decide that allows them to create tear in space to instantly connect two galaxies together. Unfortunately the wormhole itself creates a large beacon on all navigation systems mainly due to the space time abnormally, similar to one given out by a black hole. The wormhole opens a gate to the Eijin Galaxy which is ruled by the Kalzul. The Kalzul was quick to discover the wormhome and also quick to send a rather large fleet of ships over before the Bolivar scientist could close the wormhole. In a last ditch attempt to stop the invaders the scientist made a honorable decision to blow themselves up along with the wormhole controller. The wormhole eventually closed by itself and this would explain why the Kalzul did not receive any further reinforcements.

Aspha Miners

The Aspha Miners actually originates from a peaceful civilization from distant a galaxy called the Metos. A failed attempted coup results in the civilization sending all those involved into exile in a far away galaxy which so happen to be our galaxy. The poor souls were dump on an inhabitant planet and since all those involved were of military most of their technology was lost. They yearn to return to their galaxy however could never achieve their dream. After thousands of years have passed by, most of the history on their origins of the Metos Galaxy was lost. The war Aspha Miner and the Collective war made things worst by seeing the destruction of even more historical sites.

Since the Aspha Miner Collective war, the Aspha Miner because mistakenly thought that they were some how was once part of the Guardian race.


The written history which is mainly historical journals and writings found on the Guardian race and the transition between the republic to the Guardian empire. The actual truth is that the energy burst did not turn the all habitants of the republic to energy based beings but changing the Ma2 race which is the Marauders to the energy based beings. It seems that the Kalzul artifacts change the form of the Kalzul into energy based beings. Since the Ma2 is does not contain pure Kalzul DNA therefore only a handful of the Ma2 race was changed into the energy based being while others weren't. All other races of the republic were actually destroyed because their DNA structure could not withstand the energy burst. This is also the reason the key factor for the ceasefire between the Guardian and the Marauders since both of them belong to the same side.

To conceal their identity the new Guardian race came up with a false report that the energy burst defeated the Marauders so that all other intelligent civilization in the galaxy does not wage a full out war against them. After eons has passed the truth slowly disappeared as it was pass down only by word of mouth to only a selected few top Guardian leaders, and the same applies to the Marauders as well. Eventually as time passes by the truth somehow got eroded thus guardian and marauders themselves believed in the made believed history.


Originally the Collective is capable of assimilating and reconstructing ships of any races of their choice. This technology has been lost in the passage of time and there is rumored that the collective can regain back such a technology if they are able to find an ancient assimilator factory that is speculated to exist in the current galaxy eons ago during the war between the Viral and Collective war.


After reviewing the Guardian and Marauder, the viral race actually turn out to be one of the real race that went through evolution to reached for the stars, of course with the help of the Gordo race. The Gordo race is part of the race that escaped destruction by the initial Kalzul invasion mainly because their system is located behind a nebula that that hides their warp signatures therefore avoiding detection.

Metos Race

The Metos race is an ancient race that believed in peace. They have isolated themselves from every other intelligent race mainly because they have seen and went through the wars that have ravaged various other alien civilizations throughout the universe. The Metos has achieved many technological breakthroughs making them godlike. Initially in the beginning the Metos was an organic being however they have transformed themselves to energy based entities, allowing them to live as immortal without the need for food nor do they feel the effects of aging. They also have the capability of creating space tear that allows them to instantly move ships, planets or even their entire galaxy from one location to another regardless of distance. To abide by their peaceful nature all their ships and planets uses a quasi-spatial generator that warps the space-time around their ships just like the way warp drives do but don't slightly differently. This makes their ships almost invisible to all navigation readings as well as military weapons.

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