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Stephen designed Ancient worlds so be a game similar to RISK played similar to a board game that supports up to 60 players in a single game. Expanding on games similar to RISK, Stpehen added various exra features such as Peasant count , when you recruit troops for war the peasant count will drop , commercial strength , income and garrison of that provience.

Stephen took the UK map as a base and drew the game map based on it. While the game does get moderate success, it became apparent after 1-2 years that there is a large inherent issue of replayability in terms that you can only play this game so many times. Stephen himself cant imagine playing this game every single day for 1 year straight.

Mainly because of this replayability issue, work on this game was ultimately discontinued leaving this game as a side distraction for players on Galactic Conquest and Unification Wars. Ancient worlds remain for years as this role.

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